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Zhejiang Richeng Mould Co.,Ltd established in 2000 with building area of 15,000㎡, which is a professional company specialized in designing and manufacturing injection moulds for automobile, home appliance and household area etc. in Huangyan, Taizhou city, specially good at automobile interior and exterior decoration mould, washing machine mould, refrigerator mould,air conditioner mould and vacuum cleaner mould etc. Richeng has around 150 employees, of which 45 are highly skilled technicians. The annual production value is over ten million USD dollars.

RC Mould had passed the standard attestation of ISO 9001quality system in 2003... (View More)

Quality Control

Whether you have completed CAD drawings or just an idea or concept, we can start working with you for your project. We can timely put your concept into a CAD model, or put your CAD design into the mold.

We support all design stages of product development, from concept to CAD drawings or according to customer samples. We work with our customers to understand the characteristics and production requirements of the required products, and we take advantage of our best knowledge and skills to turn our customers' ideas into high quality products.

Three coordinate measuring instrument
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